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CEO of SIPG Zhu Ge Yu Jie Investigated and Guided the Work in HASCO

After listening to the work report from HASCO, CEO Zhu Ge fully affirmed the effort made by HASCO in the gloomy environment situation in the past year. He further pointed that HASCO should take the responsibility in SIPG’s strategy of the shipping center and strong port development and to create enterprise benefit maximization on the basis of the present capital. Management of effectiveness is the only road to the present development so that we do not need to develop in all aspects, but to make a breakthrough in some possible aspects. For this purpose, works in four aspects have to be paid special attention: Firstly, to make efforts in the target and strategy of marketing in which ideas to be changed, communication to be strengthened and good-quality routes to be built. Secondly, to make efforts in ship management so that the cost will be lowered while ensuring the safe and quantity service through checking the direct and indirect relevant cost. Thirdly, to make efforts in operation so that the whole operation management system will gradually be improved. Fourthly, to make efforts in crew management in which the basis work of crew management needs to be strengthened and the training of crew needs to be practiced seriously. Finally, CEO Zhu Ge emphasized that the staff in HASCO must attach importance to the vessel security management, especially the present prevention work of vessels in winter.