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HASCO Passed 2013 DOC EXAM

From 24th-26th Apr., Maritime Bureau of the Ministry of Communications conducted an annual DOC Exam in HASCO company. The main contents include several modifications in system documents since last exam, mandatory provisions of verification of International Safety Management Rules so as to judge the coverage, compliance and maneuverability of SMS (Safety Management System) documents. The audit team consider: I. The SMS of HASCO is standard and effective which is correspond to the ISM and NSM requirements; II. Senior leadership in the company emphasis on the work of safety management work and strengthen service consciousness and safety standard through which safety vessel operation is ensured. III. In the background of severe shipping situation, shipping companies have to pay special attention on the work of safety and anti-pollution management. To plus, persons both on board ad offshore in our company must severely execute company's safety and environmental protection policy to control risks in the process of indentifying risk. Leaders in the company make comments that they should take full advantage of this resource of annual exam of SMS in which shortages in the operation of SMS can be found and continuously improved, thus the quality of SMS in our company will be further improved and the safety and anti-pollution management will be pushed on a new stage.