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Chairman of SIPG Group Chen Xuyuan Inspect and Guide Work in HASCO

On 5th Jun 2013, secretary of the party committee and chairman of SIPG Chen Xuyuan and vice president Huang Xin came to company inspecting and guiding work in HASCO. Chen Xuyuan put emphasis on five points of work after listening to the work report: First of all, closely around the whole year business target, HASCO shall arouse working motivation and creation of employees. Secondly, the direction of company direction shall be specified that HASCO shall emphasize both on near ocean lines and coasting shipping lines on the guidance of the strategy of market, transportation and SIPG Group. Thirdly, the company shall strengthen the management especially the field of business, further enhancing the management of freight, customer, cost and etc. Fourthly, all the work including market, schedule and service shall be continued to improve. Fifthly, the construction of core employees and crew shall be further strengthened in that the reward incentive mechanism is to be improved to make the business employees and core crew better meet the demand of company development.