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HASCO Held the Semi-annual Work Meeting Fully Arrange the Work in the Second Half.

On 13th Jul, HASCO held the semi-annual work meeting. On the meeting, the spirit of the semi-annual work meeting was conveyed, work experience in the first half year was seriously concluded and work in the second half was fully arranged. Firstly, around the business operation target made on the beginning of this year, target management, cost control and vessel quasi class rate and loading rate shall be governed and the input with partners shall be enlarged ensuring the establishment of relevant whole year target. Secondly, complete the development of company business operation system and fully plan the informatization management of vessel, machine, container fleet and fleet. Thirdly, we shall serve the demand of SIPG Group strategic in that we try our best to play a role of coastal and international shipping transit in the strategic of water-water transit. Fourthly, further strengthen the construction of fleet and containers. Fifthly, further enhance the construction and nurture of talents, especially the construction of the professional capability of core business employees and senior crew. Sixthly, give high priority on the safety operation in that according to the characteristics of seasonal variation, the safety measurement has to be seriously made to guarantee the security. Seventhly, positively and deeply launch the Party educational activities to try our best realize the targets for the whole year.